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Explore THE NEXT STEP TRAINING CURRICULUM to find out how Learnov8 helps you to get to the next level?

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Seven Steps to Training Success

  1. Determine performance gap and key result area
  2. Choose a Training Program
  3. Complete the 7 important question you must answer before executing any training program (click here to download the questions)
  4. Select an Instructor
  5. Observe the Session and Review the Evaluations
  6. Conduct follow up & coaching sessions
  7. Complete full circle training (click here to download a sample of full circle training)

The Training Modules

1. Gain new customers

Objectives: generating new leads & increase conversion rate


  1. Prospecting For Leads Like A Pro
Selling skills
  1. Consultative Selling
  2. Relationship Selling Skills
  3. Negotiation Skills
  4. Persuasive Presentation Skills
  5. Sales 2.0
  6. Starting in Sales
  1. B2B Marketing
  2. How Marketing Works to Build Business
  3. Branding
  4. Marketing Plan Made Easy

2. Expand Existing Customers

Objectives: Increase average dollar sales & Increase frequency of buying

  1. Retail Selling Skills
  2. Up selling
  3. Key Account Management / Key Account Selling
  4. Cross Selling
3. Retain Existing Customers

Objectives: creating customer service culture & creating loyal customers

Customer Centric Development

  1.  Customer Centric Development Program
  2.  Customer Relationship Management

 Customer Service Skills

  1. Customer is King : Power Customer Centric
  2. The Art & Heart of Customer Service
  3. Understanding Customer Behaviour and Building Lasting Business Relationship
  4. Customer Service for Front-line Personnel
  5. Handling Difficulty and Demanding Customers

Telephone skills

  1. Telephone courtesy : The Royal Connection

4. Financial Targets


  1. Learning the Accounting Game : The Basics
  2. Finance For Non-Financial Personnel
  3. Enhance Collection Skills
  4. Practical Credit Management and Debt Recovery
  5. Effective Financial Management


  1. Effective Advance Budgeting For Planning and Control


  1. Taxation Made Easy for Non-Financial Personnel


  1. Cost Control and Financial Planning

5. Goals, Targets & KPI

Goal Setting

  1. Smart Goals :  Steps to Success
  2. Personal Goal Setting : Journey to Success
  3. The Goal : How to Version
  4. Charting Your Course

Performance Management

  1. Designing a Balance Scorecard
  2. Managing Top Performance through Key Performance Indicator & Key Result Area
  3. Care and Candor : Making Performance Appraisals Work
  4. Carrot Management : The Art of Reward & Recognition

6. Communication Skills

  1. Speak like a CEO
  2. The Art & Heart of Communication : Communicating for Success
  3. Communication & Collaboration On the Web
  4. Conflict Management
  5. Business Proposal Writing Skills

7. Learning & Growth


Leadership Development Series :

  1. Managing People & Team
  2. Problem Solving & Decision Making
  3. Effective Interviewing Skills
  4. Delegation & Motivation 
  5. Coaching and Counseling at Workplace
  6. Performance Management
  7. Finance in a Nutshell : Finance For Non-Financial Personnel


Train-The-Trainer Series :

  1. Adult Learning
  2. Strategic Training Needs Analysis
  3. Planning and Designing Making Learning Stick
  4. Measuring and Evaluating Training Effectiveness At Workplace
  5. Presentation Skills
  6. Training With Media


  1. Mastering The Blue Ocean Strategy
  2. The Toyota Way
  3. The Long Tail
  4. Who Moved My Cheese?
  5. The Fish! Philosophy


  1. Strategic Team Alignment Retreat (STAR)
  2. Teaming For Quality Results
  3. Teaming For Vision Realization
  4. Winners Make It Happen : Managing Winning Performance
  5. Teaming to Win

8. Quality & Process Improvement

Objectives: Systematize business process, Delivering quality products & services & Creating Continuous improvement culture

  1. 6S - First Steps Towards Quality Management
  2. Lean Manufacturing
  3. Poka Yoke
  4. Shopfloor Kaizen Breakthrough
  5. Kaizen - Continuous Improvement
  6. 7 Quality Control Tools
  7. Total Quality Management
  8. Measuring System Analysis (MSA)
  9. Applying SPC for Manufacturing To Improve Quality
  10. Value Stream Mapping
  11. Lead Auditor Training (ISO 9001-2000)
  12. ISO/TS 16949-2002 Awareness
  13. Downtime Reduction In Manufacturing
  14. Purchasing & Supply Chain Management
  15. HACCP In Food Processing
  16. Production Waste Management

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