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Marketing Management Coaching- Result or Money Back 


Successful companies recognize how important it is to acquire, retain and grow their customer base. Yet attracting and retaining customers has been made more difficult in the wake of heightened competition and increasingly demanding customers.

Learnov8 offers a wide range of marketing and business developmental coaching services to help you manage your customer relationships in each stage of their lifecycle. Whether you are looking to identify the right customers, acquire the best customers, retain your most profitable customers or grow long-term relationships, we can help.

A few of the areas in which we can help include...

  1. Developing a marketing plan
  2. Developing a specific advertising campaign
  3. Targeting a new audience
  4. Choosing the right tagline for your business
  5. Analyzing and improving every aspect of your customer's experience
  6. Marketing your business online
  7. Public relations
  8. Analyzing and testing new advertising methods

We offer practical coaching solutions based on real-life experiences. That's why companies, both large and small, turn to us for both expert advice and operational capabilities.

 We offer consulting, coaching and operational services including:

1. Best Practice Benchmarking and Gap Analysis

Best Practice Benchmarking and Gap Analysis is the first step in Learnov8 communications’ process to uncover the “current state” of a selling organization’s strengths and weaknesses. Analysis starts by identifying our client’s unique selling culture, primary selling model / approach, terms and definitions, current operational processes, selling resource structures, compensation and rewards systems and the technologies used to support their sales system. The result is a clear picture of the current selling practice.

From this vantage point, Learnov8’ coach will identify “internal” best practices as a foundation to expand on solid existing business practices already in place. This snapshot is then compared to “external” industry best practices. Opportunities for optimization and improvement will surface by layering both the internal and external comparisons over the “current state” of the analysis stage through Learnov8’s Sales Coaching Process.

2. Sales & Marketing Intelligence

The most successful sales organizations integrate key sales and marketing functions into one cohesive effort. A sales force’s ability to “efficiently” find and move qualified buyers through the sales cycle is more important in today’s market then ever before. With budgets under severe pressure; sales teams are striving to concentrate their sales resources’ time in pursuit of the highest probability and most profitable customers.

Learnov8 will evaluate “line of business” in context to horizontal and vertical market spaces. A detailed customer profile is created to help shape a customer segmentation model. With this model, Learnov8 is able to identify high probability customer buying criteria, which will then be used to search lead generation databases. The result is a targeted lead pool of high probability accounts ranked by profit potential. This data is then layered over the current territory strategy to reveal current strengths and weaknesses. Once the territory strategy is optimized, Learnov8 develops “sales conversion formulas” designed to identify “realistic” sales projects.

3. Sales Models

Every business and industry has its own style of selling that defines its “sales” culture. There are many ways to sell effectively. In an attempt to balance limited resources, many companies struggle with deploying the most effective sales model.

There are many “go-to-market” strategies that use outside, inside or hybrid structures. These choices are further compounded by options such as reorganizing into a centralized, decentralized or outsourcing model. Learnov8 assists in developing the most cost effective sales strategy by using the knowledge gained from Best Practices Benchmarking and Learnov8’ Gap Analysis combined with Sales & Marketing Business Intelligence to create a balanced approach designed to ensure the greatest chance of success.

Learnov8 first analyzes and documents how the clients current sales organization “goes-to-market.” With these results, a comparison is made between the existing model and external best practices within similar industries. The result is a clear understanding of the strengths and weaknesses that exist within the sales organization. Learnov8 then fills the gaps with appropriate externally defined best practices. The next step is to develop a logical sales cycle that is aligned with the sales model. Once the sales cycle is developed then the supporting processes, policies and procedures can begin to be developed with confidence.

 4. Sales Process

In recent years, constant market fluctuations and the pace of change have been intense. As a best-practice, process development and continuous improvement allows a sales system and its resources to be scaleable, highly adaptable and operationally prepared to succeed in good or bad economies.

The process is the foundation of every effective business system. Developing, implementing and being accountable to operational processes helps businesses create repeatable actions that are designed to effectively generate revenue or reduce expenses. Many organizations believe that they have processes in place, when in fact most companies have rudimentary outline of tasks. Often, processes are not thoroughly documented, which makes training new employees and maintaining consistency a challenge.

Learnov8 strives to develop solutions that are creative and fundamentally sound. If your sales people can’t translate or use the sales system in their daily routines, then the system will fail. Documenting processes is the first clear step in creating a sales system that every employee will be able to use on a daily basis.

5. Sales Organizational Structure

A key function to managing any business is resource allocation. There is always a limited supply of resources and generally unlimited ways in which to focus them in any given situation. Organizational structures should be developed in alignment with:

  1. New sales model, cycle and processes
  2. Available sales and support resources
  3. Where your highest probability prospects and highest yielding customers are located
  4. The ability to properly service your prospects and customers

Learnov8 will compare the existing sales resource structure against Sales & Marketing Business Intelligence data to identify optimal organizational structures and territory coverage. The new structures and coverage are then mapped to the sale model, cycle and process. The result is a process centered sales force optimally organized to sell into territories rich with qualified leads, prospects, and new customers.

6. Value Analysis and Modeling

The migration from product-based selling to value-based relationship sales has many companies struggling to redefine their sales culture. Value-based selling in today’s complex selling environments and heightened customer expectations requires sales organizations to foster much deeper customer understanding.

 The challenge is to construct a value based selling methodology that is based on solving high-level customer problems, rather than simply building account models that respond to near-term price pressures or are only transaction based.

Learnov8’s Value Analysis and Modeling is designed to provide a strategic road map for deepening the customer relationship while elevating trust through an exchange of information, thus creating interdependency. Learnov8 looks beyond product lines and service offerings to uncover new ways in which our clients can move from the status of “supplier” to “trusted consultant and often times a partner with less price sensitivity.” Understanding the customer’s business and how their product or service generates revenue or reduces expenses is the first step in creating a value based sales methodology.

7. Sales Performance Metrics & Goals

Being able to measure and track the efforts of a sales force is a fundamental sales practice. Forecasting and budget projections are an important part of every successful sales system. Sales metrics not only measure performance, but also create incentives and goals to be achieved. Setting sales activity goals that are logically and realistically aligned with the sales system ensures that appropriate expectations are being placed on the sales force.

Learnov8 helps develop performance metrics and goals that are aligned with the sales model, and the cycle and supporting processes. Performance metrics help individual sales people and management create goals that are realistic and attainable. If these metrics are not aligned to the sales system as a whole, then management expectations will be unrealistic and therefore may be unattainable or even worse they may be set too low or too high.  
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